Koba plate



Small : ¥1,800 each (base price)
Large : ¥2,200 each (base price)
Urushi /Cedar

This koba board is a ceder board used to line up the lacquerware and dry them. It is made of Kawada cedar, which grows in the forests of the production district, and is a common material there. The cedar plate with Fuki-urushi (wiped lacquer) is called a koba plate. The beautiful grain provides a smooth touch as well as a dry texture making it perfect as a sweets plate, coaster or flower vase stand.

Product List

  • Teacup
  • Small plate
  • Soup bowl
  • Rice bowl
  • Small bowl
  • Chopsticks・Chopstick stand
  • Tray
  • Celebration plate
  • Koba plate