Chopsticks・Chopstick stand

¥3,200 each / ¥3,500 for Dark brown (tame ) base price

Chopstick stand
¥900 each / ¥990 for Dark brown (tame ) base price

” I want urushi chopsticks!” ” I want to use good quality chopsticks because I use them everyday!” So, we made this series of chopsticks with aisomo cosomo. They are available in six colors and have different colored tops. Furthermore, you can feel the soft and gentle texture of the urushi when you put the chopsticks in your mouth. We recommend using chopsticks with a chopstick rest too. ※Please keep in mind, these products are not listed in the catalog.

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Purchase online shop


  • orange x olive
  • beige x pink
  • moss green x orange
  • olive x moss green
  • red x beige
  • dark brown (tame) x orange
  • orange
  • beige
  • moss green
  • olive
  • red
  • dark brown (tame)

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  • Chopsticks・Chopstick stand
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