Celebration plate

¥2,300 each (base price)
Kasane Ume D93×W93×t4mm
Uchide no Koduchi D90×W85×t4mm
Sanmai Zasa D84×W105×t4mm
Kourin Matsu D75×W110×t4mm
Hyoutan D80×W99×t4mm

This plate is part of a series of celebration plates shaped with the motifs of traditional Japanese celebration patterns (Medetamoyou ). You can use it as a plate for Japanese sweets or as a coaster for a teacup. Seeing the wood grain through colored lacquer, makes for a pleasant and colorful day.

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  • Kasane Ume(pink)
  • Uchide no Koduchi(beige)
  • Sanmai Zasa(moss green)
  • Kourin Matsu(olive)
  • Hyoutan(red)

Product List

  • Teacup
  • Small plate
  • Soup bowl
  • Rice bowl
  • Small bowl
  • Chopsticks・Chopstick stand
  • Tray
  • Celebration plate
  • Koba plate