It is said that lacquer becomes hardest 100 years after it is applied, so it takes many years to harden completely.
“Echizen Kataurushi” is a dishwasher-resistant lacquer that has achieved a hard coating film through the industry-academia-government collaboration with Fukui Prefecture and Fukui University.
The “Ichijo wan”, which are crafted in the traditional shape, and the “Asakura wan”, which have a curved edge, are available in two sizes (about 12.1cm and about 13.6cm) and two colors (black and vermilion). It is characterized by its higher heat resistance and durability, more so than many other conventional lacquerwares. In this regard, it is a staple product for the dining table.


Black / Vermilion
4 sun (φ121×H65)¥4,500 /
4.5 sun(φ130×H80)¥5,500
(main unit price)

  • Echizen Kataurushi Ichijo-wan 4sun Black
  • Echizen Kataurushi Ichijo-wan 4sun Vermilion
  • Echizen Kataurushi Ichijo-wan 4.5sun Black
  • Echizen Kataurushi Ichijo-wan 4.5sun Vermilion


Black / Vermilion
4 sun (φ119×H66)¥4,500 /
4.5 sun(φ133×H83)¥5,500
(main unit price)

  • Echizen Kataurushi Asakura-wan 4sun Black
  • Echizen Kataurushi Asakura-wan 4sun Vermilion
  • Echizen Kataurushi Asakura-wan 4.5sun Black
  • Echizen Kataurushi Asakura-wan 4.5sun Vermilion