Echizen is the oldest lacquerware production area in Japan.
The reason why lacquerware production has been flourishing in this area for a long time is due to its humid and cloudy climate as well as a fine division of labor between family members and local people producing the lacquerware.

There are the craftspeople, Urushi-kaki, who tap lacquer from the trees.
There are the woodworkers, Kiji-shi, who hollow bowls out of the tree trunks.
There are the craftspeople, Shitaji-shi, who enhance the strength of the wood.
There are the lacquerers, Nu-shi, who finish the lacquerware gloss.
There are the Makie artists who apply makie (lacquer sprinkled with gold or silver powder) to the bowls.
The essence of such craftsmanship is what defines Echizen lacquerware.

Since its establishment in 1793, Shitsurindo has been carrying on the production of Echizen lacquerware as a lacquerer and has continued to pass on its techniques to the present day.

Echizen lacquerwares are not only a traditional craft, but also daily products.
We continue to spare no effort in producing lacquerware where both beauty and robustness are united.
That is the eternal pride of Shitsurindo’s craftmanship.

It is our duty to continue to preserve what has been handed down from generation to generation.
We refuse to neglect learning new techniques and manufacturing methods as we continue to devote ourselves to producing lacquerware.
That is our mission.

We paint beauty.
We layer with art.

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In 1793, Kansei era
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